October 2023 Newsletter

We Made It

Friends, we’ve made it through this year so far! Summer was quite rough for us but amongst the difficulties there were many blessings and glimmers of hope. How was your summer? We hope you’re doing well and pray that you are thriving amid your own life challenges. Tough seasons don’t last forever. We fix our eyes on what is good, and on the good we’re doing.

The Good You’re Doing

It really has been an awesome year, let’s walk back and see just how impactful your support has been!

In January we launched the Rancho Milagro Youth Program, led by Mike & Lisa Hansen from Power Over Predators Program. Drawing from her own experience and conquering the shame that kept her isolated, Lisa became an advocate for the oppressed. For over twenty years, her mission has been to abolish child sexual exploitation through extraordinary outreach and straightforward prevention education for youth. Thanks to YOUR support, our Youth Program kids have gained invaluable knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others from sexual abuse. They have developed a heightened sense of personal boundaries, self-confidence, and the ability to recognize potentially harmful situations. Our training has not only empowered them with the tools to speak up against abuse but has also fostered a culture of trust and open communication, creating a safer and more supportive environment for all. Ultimately, our efforts are equipping our youth with the resilience and awareness needed to navigate a world where they can thrive free from the threat of sexual abuse.

We have greatly enjoyed coming alongside other organizations working to bring healing to the nation one soul at a time. We were happy to host Restoring Wholeness Ministries, whose goal is to help post-abortive women find freedom from guilt and shame. Valors for Veterans came for a networking event to strengthen relationships in the Veteran community and highlight the importance of supporting one another in a lonely world. We also hosted some private events to bring awareness of the work and benefits of RMF and our mission.

And then of course there’s all the clients we’ve served through our Equine Therapy Sessions! We have had the pleasure of working with veterans, abuse survivors, kids with developmental challenges, and others to take one more step towards their healing. Clients have reported back about their therapy saying:

“It was incredible for a group of active duty and veteran women to get together in an environment where we all lacked familiarity. It gave us an opportunity to come together on level ground allowing us to be more open to working together and learning from each other. There was also something special about connecting with horses and being out in nature.”

“I could sense the abundant energies simply by walking into the ranch, and going through a session validated it.”

“The session I went through allowed me to start dealing with what I have been struggling with more fully. It helped me to start putting to rest things I wasn’t sure I could. I also have been able to speak up even more for myself.”

During our Summer Youth Camp, a precious 7 year old was able to process the lies she had been told about herself and replaced them with the truth about who she is.

It is solely your support making this happen. These testimonies and events we’ve held are just a drop in the bucket of all we’ve accomplished this year, thanks to YOU!


The ripples of impact will continue throughout the rest of their lives, even spilling into the lives of others we’ll never meet. How cool is that? Being the light in this dark world brings us so much joy and satisfaction.

Come On Out

Our annual fundraiser stands as the cornerstone of Rancho Milagro’s sustainability and impact. It serves as the lifeblood of our mission, enabling us to continue the vital work that defines our cause. With the generous contributions from supporters like you, we can fund initiatives, expand our reach, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. This event isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about forging connections, strengthening our community, and ensuring that the positive change we strive for becomes a reality. Your participation in our annual fundraiser is pivotal, and together, we can amplify our efforts and create lasting change that reaches far beyond the event itself.

Last year’s event raised $25,000! This year we’re dreaming even bigger, with expansions almost done and more efficient facilities available to serve our community, our goal is $50,000. Join us for the annual Chili Cookoff Fundraiser – Celebrate the Horse!

You don’t want to miss out on the entertainment, horse demonstrations, stories of hope, delicious chili and camaraderie among friends. Together, we can continue to provide healing, hope, and happiness to our community. We look forward to sharing this memorable day with you. Let’s come together to support a cause that truly makes a positive impact on countless lives. Checkout the lineup!

12:00pm – Check in & welcome
12:10pm – National Anthem with Jessie Keller | USAF K9 Handler
12:15pm – Horse demos, fun facts, a word from RMF
12:25pm – Chili Cookoff begins
12:30pm – Desert Warrior archery demo
1:10pm – K9 demo
1:45pm – Desert Palms Equestrian Center saddlebred demo
2:25pm – Chili Cookoff winner announced
2:30pm – Stallion arena demo
3:00pm  – RMF closing words & goodbye

So what do you say, are you coming!?